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Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

AUTHOR House, James E.
PUBLISHER Academic Press (05/05/2017)
PRODUCT TYPE Paperback (Paperback)


Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics, Third Edition is a clear and detailed introduction to quantum mechanics and its applications in chemistry and physics. All required math is clearly explained, including intermediate steps in derivations, and concise review of the math is included in the text at appropriate points. Most of the elementary quantum mechanical models-including particles in boxes, rigid rotor, harmonic oscillator, barrier penetration, hydrogen atom-are clearly and completely presented. Applications of these models to selected "real world? topics are also included.

This new edition includes many new topics such as band theory and heat capacity of solids, spectroscopy of molecules and complexes (including applications to ligand field theory), and small molecules of astrophysical interest.

  • Accessible style and colorful illustrations make the content appropriate for professional researchers and students alike
  • Presents results of quantum mechanical calculations that can be performed with readily available software
  • Provides exceptionally clear discussions of spin-orbit coupling and group theory, and comprehensive coverage of barrier penetration (quantum mechanical tunneling) that touches upon hot topics, such as superconductivity and scanning tunneling microscopy
  • Problems given at the end of each chapter help students to master concepts
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ISBN-13: 9780128092422
ISBN-10: 0128092424
Binding: Paperback or Softback (Trade Paperback (Us))
Content Language: English
Edition Number: 0003
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Page Count: 372
Carton Quantity: 32
Product Dimensions: 5.90 x 0.70 x 8.90 inches
Weight: 1.30 pound(s)
Feature Codes: Bibliography, Index, Illustrated
Country of Origin: US
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Science | Chemistry - General
Science | Physics - Quantum Theory
Science | Physics - Mathematical & Computational
Library of Congress Control Number: 2017302006
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Author: House, James E.
James E. House has written three textbooks on chemistry and quantum mechanics, including one that he co-authored with his wife, Kathleen. Now retired, he enjoys traveling to mountain states and spending time afield with airguns. He has written several articles for U.S. Airgun Magazine, a publication for which he is also field editor, and is the author of American Air Rifles. He resides in Bloomington, Illinois.
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